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Airflaps Anti-Fog System

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Anti-Fog Airflaps System.

There are inventions which, without revolutionizing our lives, make it simpler. The Anti-Fog Airflaps System is one of them.

Who has never needed to ventilate this motocross goggles, to evacuate the mist or to dry the sweat-soaked foam, without having time to stop or without taking the risk of removing it !!

The Anti-Fog Airflaps System solves the problem in a simple and effective way thanks to an accessory compatible with all the combinations of glasses.

A few minutes are enough to stick it, it does not require any modification of the helmet likely to alter its effectiveness.

Motocross world champions such as Antonio Cairoli, Steve Holcombe or Christophe Nambotin have already adopted it. Airflaps are the essential link between your helmet and your glasses.

  • Anti-Fog Airflaps System is compatible with Roll-Off and Tear-Off.
  • Appearance of fogging? Soaked glasses foams?
  • Anti-Fog Airflaps System means you don't have to remove the glasses to keep your eyes protected.
  • AIRFLAPS closed, the bezel returns to perfect contact glued to your face.
  • Is the pressure of the telescope on the forehead painful at high speed? AIRFLAPS makes it disappear with a simple gesture.
  • AIRFLAPS also reduces the pressure on the nose to allow the pilot to breathe easier.
  • Rainy cross country start: your eyes remain protected under the visor.
  • Do you prefer the opening levers at the bottom? Why not!! No need to take off anything. Only unscrew the flaps from their bases and swap the two sides.
  • AIRFLAPS is open, remove and replace your helmet without any problem without removing the goggles from the helmet.
  • No need for the Airflaps Anti-Fog System ?? Simple, simply unscrew the flaps from their fixing bases.
  • Adjust the gap distance to the face up to 10mm with a simple screwdriver!
  • Extremely light (2 x 25 grams), Anti-Fog Airflaps System does not cause any additional neck fatigue.
  • Adhesive bases sold separately allow you to equip several helmets with a single kit.

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