Motocross Matrix M64 support

MXPN Motocross

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Support for Motocross Matrix M64.

Matrix M64 Motocross Support in Super Light and Strong Composite.

A new step in technology and in the style of motocross support.

The revolutionary design of the Matrix M64 Motocross Stand offers the most durable and lightest motorcycle stand on the market.

The plastic backing is made from a composite blend proprietary to Matrix Concepts.

The Matrix M64 Motocross Stand is available in 8 color choices.

The Matrix M64 Motocross Mount is the ultimate mount used, tested and trusted by many of the top offroad racing, motocross and supercross teams.

Injection molded from high strength lightweight polycarbonate plastic.
Weighs only 10 pounds.

Large side graphic panels that can be personalized with your name and number.

The extra wide feet prevent swaying making this design very stable.

The design includes four rectangular anti-flex support tubes.
Bolted with stainless steel fasteners.

As an option you can get a Support Wedge. This wedge attaches to the front of the support and gives you the extra to have the 2 wheels off the ground.

Support height 17 "and table top size 10.5" x10.5 ".