Matrix LS1 Motocross Stand

MXPN Motocross

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Matrix LS1 Motocross Lift Support.

Matrix LS1 Motocross Lift Support.

This is the stand for the everyday world to the professional racer.

Easy to transport and store. Easy to use.

The easy 2-point "POWER PEDAL" access makes it easy to use.

The Matrix LS1 Motocross Rack is constructed from super strong and lightweight carbon steel.

The Matrix LS1 Motocross Lift Support is developed and tested by the best professional racing riders.

Very stable center post design. Works with all off-road motocross bikes.

Height of 12 "in low position and 15.5" in high position.

Finished with a durable baked-on powder coating.

Slotted tray for easy pickup and handling.

DeRon socket in the center post for smooth, easy action with a urethane bumper.

Easy access pedal to operate "self-locking" in the high position.

Maximum lifting capacity 500 lbs.

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Lift support

Very happy with this article thank you

Same as photo &

Same as photo & very fast delivery!