Strider Bike Sport Edition


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Strider Bicycle Sport Edition.

The Strider Bicycle Sport Edition without pedal is the balance bike for children from 18 months to 5 years old.

The Strider Bicycle Sport Edition is now available to you in 8 color choices. There is the Black Strider, the Green Strider, the Yellow Strider, the Pink Strider, the Red Strider, the Blue Strider, and the Orange Strider. Now the Strider Sport is offered to you in matt gray.

The STRIDER 12 "Sport model offers all the features a child (or parent) could want. It is the perfect balance between performance, choice of options and value for money. With more than 10 years of evolution of the design and improvements made by the manufacturer.

This balance bikeis similar to the Classic version except for the smaller handles. It also includes a protection pad for the handlebars, a quick release for quickly raising and lowering the handlebars, the seat is cushioned and comes with a longer interchangeable additional bench post. 

You can also add a sticker set Special Edition with your order.

See the differences between the Strider Classic, Strider Bicycle Sport Edition and the Strider Special Edition in the following image.

Customer Reviews

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Great !! The children are really happy. Thank you


Dominic is very very conscientious and gives impeccable service 🙏 The bikes I bought are solid, beautiful, well made and excellent but excellent in quality !!!!!!!! I am very very satisfied and I recommend MXPN 👏👏👏👏

Following a recommendation

The little one starts to walk a little with under my supervision soon practical outside thank you Easy to assemble to recommend

Strider sport edition bike

Impeccable service !!! Ordered Sunday, posted Monday and received Wednesday: u1F970:! A huge thank you, a very happy little boy !!!!

Strider bike

First time I ordered from Mxpn and certainly not the last, I had a great experience in addition to the owner and super present for his customers the delivery was ultra fast even with the covid.
My son is very happy with his new bike
Thanks again !!!