Strider Bike Pro Edition


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Strider Bike Pro Edition.

The Strider Pedalless Bike Pro Edition is the balance bike for children from XNUMX months to XNUMX years old.

This balance bike is Designed for little riders, Strider Bike Pro Edition XNUMX "Premium is an ultra-light, premium bike for little speed demons looking for wind in their face and freedom at their fingertips.

An all-aluminum frame that weighs just 2,54 kg (5,6 lbs), a textured footrest for performance, and an official Strider license plate mean your little dirt devil is going to tornadoes around others children of the park. 

The Strider Bicycle Pro Edition is offered in 3 color choices. The Silver Strider, the Black Strider and the Metallic Purple Strider.

With a seat height ranging from 28 to 48 cm (11 to 19 in), the Strider 12 Pro is ideal for children with a 30 to 51 cm (12 to 20 in) inseam.

You can also add a sticker set special edition with your order.