Strider Bike Classic Edition


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Strider Bike Classic Edition.

The Strider Classic Pedalless Bike is the balance bikefor children from XNUMX months to XNUMX years old.

The Classic Edition Strider Bike is now available in 4 color choices.

This classic 12 "balance bike is a return to our roots. A simple design with the basic elements that make STRIDER the # 1 brand in the world.

This model is similar to the first generation of the Strider. It is equipped with a quick coupler to quickly get on and off the bench.

You can also add a sticker set Special Edition with your order.

See the differences between the Strider Classic Edition, Strider Sport and Strider Special Edition in the following image.

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Very good purchase, I recommend this bike, excellent service and follow-up, a fast 2-day shipment and I had my product. I have been very well informed about the product and I recommend it to everyone because you will not be disappointed. Always available for information. thank you again for your generosity in advice.

Super good service, very good

Super good service, very well advised, my boy was more than happy

Quick delivery

Item as agreed, delivered quickly. Very satisfied