Strider Bicycle 14X Sport Edition


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Strider Bicycle 14X Sport Edition.

The Strider Bicycle 14X Sport Edition is the balance bike for children from 3 to 7 years old.

Children all over the world are learning to ride the 14x Sport.

The confidence and freedom that comes with learning to pedal a bicycle takes them to another level of the sphere they never even knew existed.

In addition, parents see their child grow and develop before their eyes. Pretty cool, right?

The Strider Bicycle 14X Sport Edition starts out as a balance bike, helping kids who have never been on a bike before gain confidence and balance their abilities on a bike.

Once your little rider is ready to pedal, simply attach the Easy-Ride Pedal Kit and VOILÁ!

You have the most adjustable and amazing pedal bike in the world.

The Strider Bicycle Edition 14X Sport is the top-of-the-range balance bike with 14 "tires fitted with inner tubes.

The advantage of the Strider Bicycle 14X Sport Edition is that it can easily be transformed into a pedal bike with the installation kit sold separately.

Ideal for preschoolers who are just starting out on a balance bike to quickly switch to a real pedal bike.

This balance bike is now available in 4 color choices.

The bottom bracket assembly is sold separately: PEDAL KIT

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Excellent bike

My daughter made the transition from the 12 "Strider to the 14" Strider with pedals without a hitch. I highly recommend it!!

France Duval
I love cycling

I love cycling. My daughter loves to ride with it. She is getting good with her balance. Best buy we could have made.

Great service! Quality bike!

Great service! Quality bike!

Cynthia R.
Great bike for my boy

Great bike for my 3½ year old boy. Perfect to replace its 12 inches made too small.