Standard Matrix M1 Tie Down


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SKU: 390-8201
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Standard Matrix M1 Tie Down.

Superior Quality Standard Matrix M1 Tie Down Set.

All seams of the Standard Matrix M1 Tie Down are double-stitched with heavy-duty nylon thread.

Custom graphics in factory colors.

Overall length is 69 "X 1" (wide) and made from abrasion resistant nylon webbing.

Soft hoop with rubber covered "S" hook incorporated into the design that protects your handlebars.

The assembly strength is 1 lbs and a load limit of 200 lbs.

“Standard Matrix M1 Tie Down are the best fasteners we've ever used. The weight, features and colors are excellent. The new carabiner is plastic covered with a steel center and works great” Tyler & Troy - Troy Lee Designs Racing.

Sold in pairs.