Matrix M1 Ratchet Phatty Tie Down


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SKU: 390-8020
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Matrix M1 Ratchet Phatty Tie Down.

Premium Matrix M1 Phatty Ratchet Tie Down Set with Ratchet System.

All seams of the Matrix M1 Phatty Ratchet Tie Down are double-stitched with heavy-duty nylon thread.

Custom graphics in factory colors.

Overall length is 69 "X 1.5" (wide) and made from abrasion resistant nylon webbing.

Heavy-duty steel cam-lock with heavy-duty steel spring for secure locking. Soft hoop with rubber covered "S" hook incorporated into the design that protects your handlebars.

The assembly strength is XNUMX lbs and a load limit of XNUMX lbs. Custom locking “swivel smart carabiner” lower hook for secure connection.

With a fixed attachment system with a rotating base for the bottom hook. 

The top hook is attached with the strap which loops on the handlebars, which prevents scratching your ProTaper or Tag-Metal handlebars !!

“Matrix M1 Ratchet Phatty Tie Down are the best fasteners we've ever used. The weight, features and colors are great. The new carabiner is plastic coated with a steel center and works great” Tyler & Troy - Troy Lee Racing Designs.

Sold in pairs.