Heated Grips MX1 Snowbike-Motocross


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Heated Grips MX1 Snowbike-Motocross.

These MX1 Snowbike-Motocross Heated Grips from Koso are specifically designed for snowbikes and dirt bikes to keep you warm.

The aggressive pattern on the MX1 Snowbike-Motocross Heated Grips in diamond-diamond style made of high quality materials will ensure you keep your hands glued to the grips while keeping them warm and comfortable at the same time.


  • Universal fitment with interchangeable throttle cable cams.
  • Suitable for most off-road motocross and snowbike models.
  • Requires 35W of power and 2.5A supply current at maximum level. These requirements must be met in order to achieve the maximum efficiency of the handles.
  • The set includes the 2 handles with clamps and all the parts needed for installation. (no adhesive required for installation)
  • External regulator for temperature adjustment.
  • System shutdown in the event of low voltage to prevent accidental battery discharge.