MX Defy Lock-on 4-stroke handle


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MX Defy Lock-on 4-stroke handle

MX Defy Lock-on 4 Stroke handle from the company Torc1.

  • 100% non-slip performance guaranteed.
  • Simple installation and removal without waiting for the glue to dry.
  • OEM specification throttle tube included with 22 points of adjustment to place the embossed pattern where you really need it.
  • 6 multi-adjustable throttle cams included in each 4-stroke kit and in each 2-stroke / mini-cross kit.
  • No need to buy throttle cams separately.
  • CNC machined aluminum locking collar with T15 stainless steel torx bolt that helps resist stripping and corrosion.
  • Race tested diameter with a soft, sticky compound for ultimate feel and control.
  • The tapered embossed pattern helps contour your hand and takes the strain off the thumb. 
  • Handle 'donut' groove keeps handle donut flat and in place 
  • The cutout is simple if you want to add enduro type hand guards.

MX Defy Lock-on 4 Stroke Torc1 handle is available for motocross equipped with engine 4 stroke.

MX Defy Lock-on 4-Stroke Torc1 handle is available in several color choices.