Michelin Motocross Tire 2.50-10


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Here is the range of Michelin Motocross tires Starcross5.

This magnitude of Michelin Motocross Tire 2.50-10 is used and recommended for motorcycles for model CRF50, KTM50SX * and PW50.

Michelin offers Motocross enthusiasts only one type of front tire at the moment: the Mini.

The Sand Specialists, from soil to gravel!
For three years, MICHELIN mobilized its engineers and pilots to design these tires. Demanding tests, rough terrain and in the end, a result that exceeds our expectations. Thus, we have developed, for you, these tires which specialize in any type of terrain without exception.

Tested and Approved by Pros!
It took many years to develop these tires with unique performance. During our testing, our motorcycle riders rode the roughest terrain and put our tires through the most extreme conditions.

High Technical Performance!
Lighter and more manoeuvrable, the new Starcross5 is a compendium of technologies. Importantly, its carcass is much more flexible. Its performance in straight lines and curves is optimized with better traction.on and more progressive cornering of your motorcycle.

Motocross Tire Michelin 2.50-10 Soft
Motocross Tire Michelin 2.50-10 Medium

* Made only for the junior version of the KTM50SX.

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