Motocross Tire Dunlop 70 / 100-17


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Motocross Tire Dunlop 70 / 100-17.

Here is the range of Dunlop Geomax Motocross tires.

This magnitude of Motocross Tire Dunlop 70 / 100-17 is used and recommended for the front wheel of models CRF150R, KTM85SX, TC85, YZ85, KX85 and RM85. 

Dunlop offers two types of tires for Motocross enthusiasts: the MX33, the MX53.

-MX33: Designed for medium-soft terrain, the MX33 motocross tire is the most technologically advanced tire Dunlop has ever designed. The improved sidewall stiffness of the MX33 gives you better shock absorption.

The new studs now offered on the front tire give you better line handling and improved steering. The all new compound for increased durability. And the new arrangement of the central studs of the rear tire increases the contact surface and allows better control of the glide in curves. The MX33 motocross tire designed for mixed and soft terrains like MXPN and Xtown.

-MX53: Designed for intermediate-hard terrain. The MX53 motocross tire is the medium-hard terrain tire developed and perfected in the intense world of motocross competition. The redesigned front tire with a 1mm higher profile to offer a larger contact patch, smoother handling, a higher lean angle and better handling.

The block pattern also penetrates the earth for better braking grip. The modified "Block-In-A-Block" shape of the MX53 motocross tire on the rear tire allows for greater flexibility to improve grip while providing stability and skid control.

The front and rear tires include reinforcement bars between certain studs to reduce flex at the base of the studs, which improves durability. The "Advanced Apex" design of the Dunlop motocross tire improves shock absorption by diffusing shock through a taller, thinner bead inside the side wall. New compounds on the front and rear tires improve durability and longevity.

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Very beautiful and qualities

Aggressive and efficient