Enduro Tire AT81 Dunlop Front


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Enduro Tire AT81 Dunlop Front.

Dunlop's vast championship and development experience has been infused into the new generation of Geomax AT81 front off-road tires.

The new Geomax tires offer more versatile overall performance as well as higher levels of toughness for racing or off-road touring.

The Dunlop Front AT81 Enduro Tire side grooves on the side studs provide additional traction and greater flexibility.

Hollow, flexible areas between the tread studs improve flexibility for good bump damping and greater ride comfort.

The construction of the Dunlop Avant AT81 Enduro Tire features two plies of nylon wrapped with a third ply of polyester for a solid base.

Available in 2 choices of size.