Enduro Tire AT81 Dunlop Rear


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Enduro AT81 Dunlop Rear Tire.

Dunlop's vast championship and development experience has been infused into the new generation of Geomax AT81, AT81 Desert RC (Reinforced Construction) and AT81EX off-road tires.

The new Geomax tires offer more versatile overall performance as well as higher levels of toughness for racing or off-road touring.

The shape and tread distribution of the AT81 Dunlop Rear Enduro Tire as well as the DIRTuitive Grip Design (DGD) studs help the tire to penetrate the surface layer of the ground for additional traction over a wide range of applications. off road.

The durable compound of the Dunlop AT81 Enduro Rear Tire offers better resistance to chipping, cuts and wear.

The carcass of the reinforced construction Geomax AT81RC rear tire consists of two nylon plies.

Side grooves on the side crampons provide extra traction and greater flexibility.

The central blocks of the Dunlop AT81 Enduro Rear Tire are arranged in line to provide a larger contact patch and maximum traction.

Hollow, flexible areas between the tread studs improve flexibility for good bump damping and greater ride comfort.

Enduro AT81 Dunlop Rear Tire is offered in a variety of sizes and compounds.


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the best in the west and sold by the best shop in the business

simply fantastic as tires and service, women are at my knees when they see me with this tire.