Technikem cleaner


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Technikem cleaner.

The 20 liter format is for heavy users of the Technikem Cleaner. It is possible to pour the product into your vaporizer using a champlure.

High performance multi-purpose soap-degreaser

Industrial uses:
Heavy machinery,
Lawn mowers, motorcycles,
Garage doors, workshop walls,
Patio slabs and white siding,
Concrete floors,
Oil spills,
Fiberglass articles,
Workshop work clothes,
Pig breeding rooms,
As a soaking bath for sawmill blades,
To restore old wood.

Domestic uses:
Recreational vehicles (trailers and motorized vehicles)
All terrain vehicles,
Boats, motorcycles, motocross,
Lawn mowers, 
The gutters and white siding,
Insects stuck on the car,
Articles of fiberglass.

The Technikem Cleaner is "THE" only product you need. “More efficient” than all the products you currently use at home, in the garage, in the field, in your hobbies and in your business. The Nettoyeur Technikem is a product entirely made in Quebec. It is currently possible to clean everything with a single bottle. No need to take inventory of necessary cleaning products.
The Nettoyeur Technikem is "Biodegradable" and meets the criteria of the Government of Quebec. In addition to having virtually no odor, it is not at all dangerous during its "simple and effective" use. The Technikem Cleaner is a product that causes no damage and no discoloration in addition to being more effective than any product on the market. Many companies in the automotive, sports utility, camping, housekeeping and agricultural industries love Le Nettoyeur Technikem for the time savings achieved thanks to its high efficiency.  

The Nettoyeur Technikem does "NO CERNE" which makes it unique!

To try it is to adopt it. You will not be able to do without it!


Available in 2 sizes. The 4 liters and the 20 liters.

* Transport is not possible on 20 liter formats. *

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