Shiner Maxima SC1 Cleaner


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Shiner Maxima SC1 cleaner.

The Beautifier Cleaner Shiner Maxima SC1 High Gloss is specially formulated to protect and beautify many surfaces such as plastic, vinyl and carbon fiber.

Safe for plastic, gloss or matte finishes. Excellent for use on plastic fenders, wheel arches and components.

Makes the cleaning process easier. Shiner Maxima SC1 p cleanercan be applied to the surface and left intact or polished to a dry sheen leaving a lasting shine without attracting dirt and road debris.


This product is a miracle for finishing the beautification of your motocross. It will restore the shine of a motocross straight out of the dealership.

Available in 17oz format.

Customer Reviews

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Shiner SC1

I had the chance to try Maxima's SC1. Wow! my bike is nicer than when I picked it up from the dealer. In addition, it smells of froot loops. Can't wait for summer to come and go for a ride in the park.