AMS Multi-Purpose Lubricant


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AMS Multi-Purpose Lubricant.

AMS Multi-Use lubricant Metal Protector (AMP) is a high performance, easy to use spray product that lubricates, displaces moisture, protects against corrosion and penetrates to free rusted parts.

AMS Multi-Use lubricant effectively lubricates moving parts, silencing squeaks without blurring the mechanisms.

It displaces moisture from fresh or salt water to help prevent corrosion, and it is the product of choice for drying and protecting electrical and ignition systems.

AMS Multi-Use lubricant penetrates deep through rust and corrosion to restore movement of rusted parts.

AMS Multi-Use Lubricant does not contain silicone and is compatible with plastics, leather, fabric, fishing line and paint.

  • Cuts rust and frees frozen components
  • Helps protect against rust and corrosion, even in salt water
  • Moves water
  • Stop squeaking
  • cleans
  • Sprays in hard to reach places
  • Protects electrical equipment
  • Lubricates moving parts

Available in 259ml format. (8.75oz.)