AMS Dirt-Trans Oil


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AMS Dirt-Trans Oil.

AMS Dirt-Trans 80 Oil protects against wear on gears and clutch, so enthusiasts can spend more time riding and doing less maintenance. The Dirt-80 Motocross AMS Synthetic transmission fluid is a cost-effective and efficient alternative to original (OEM) fluids.

The manufacturer of synthetic motocross lubricants, AMS, is focused on improving the performance of lubricants so that riders can focus on improving their performance on the track. That's why AMS Dirt-Trans Oil is the official GNCC oil and the choice of pro pilots and weekend warriors all over the world.

  • Provides a confident clutch feeling
  • Protected against wear of gears and clutch

Synthetic "AMS Dirt-Trans Oil" transmission fluid provides superior frictional resistance that minimizes clutch slippage, giving pilots a constant clutch feel during take-offs or when navigating obstacles on the runway .

The lower viscosity provides a more aggressive clutch feel, while its superior performance helps instill in riders the confidence that their motocross will perform consistently in all types of riding conditions.

AMS Dirt-Trans Oil protects against wear on gears and clutch.

The intense environment inside a motocross drivetrain can shear lubricants, causing viscosity loss. A lubricant that has fallen outside its intended viscosity range may not develop a solid fluid film between the parts, resulting in wear. The high quality synthetic oils in AMS Dirt-Trans Oil fluid resist viscosity loss due to shear. L'AMS Dirt-Trans Oil provides excellent wear protection for gears and clutch discs, helping riders get the most out of their motocross.

Use in motocross except two- and four-stroke road that use a separate crankcase, including those manufactured by Honda *, Yamaha *, Kawasaki *, Suzuki *, Husqvarna * and KTM *.

Special Attention:
Please note that the 1 liter container contains 946ml or 31.98oz.