Maxima Castor 2 927T Oil


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Maxima Castor 2 927T Oil.

Maxima Castor 2 927 Stroke Castor Oil 2 Stroke Ester-enriched Castor Oil engineered to ensure maximum performance while providing maximum protection in the most severe conditions.

The carbonization and vaporization resistant formulation combines surface-active esters with highly refined castor oil to provide excellent oil film thickness and excellent surface toughness, protecting cylinder walls, crankshaft and other critical areas.

The exclusive ashless additive system ofMaxima Castor 2 927T Oil keeps your engine clean and free from gum formation, corrosion and deposits.

Special Attention:
Take note that the half liter container contains 473ml or 16oz.
The 1 liter container really contains 1 liter or 33.8oz.
And the 2 liter container holds 1.893 liters or 64oz.