2T AMS Interceptor Oil


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2T AMS Interceptor oil.

2T AMS Interceptor Oil is specially designed for maximum performance for all makes of two-stroke snowmobiles, including Ski-Ltd., Polaris and Arctic Cat, helping enthusiasts spend more time riding and not doing maintenance. 2T AMS Interceptor Oil is compatible with nearly all other two-stroke oils, while its low smoke and low odor properties help ensure snowmobilers won't be in a cloud of smoke. "Smoked". AMS Interceptor 2T Oil is designed to be pushed as hard as the snowmobiles they protect.

Anti-scratch / anti-wear 

Snowmobile engines have evolved to run on leaner gas-oil mixtures, increasing harmful friction and heat. The synthetic formulation of AMS Interceptor 2T Oil incorporates high molecular weight components with high flash points that resist burning. As a result, more oil survives the combustion process to provide lubrication and protection. Its lubricating power and film resistance excels and prevents metal-to-metal contact. In extreme dynamometer testing, the anti-scratch / anti-wear formula of the2T AMS Interceptor Oil completely prevented the wear of the piston skirt. 

Excellent deposit control, 
2T AMS Interceptor Oil naturally resists harmful deposits thanks to its thermally stable synthetic formulation. It is further enriched with detergent additives and dispersivity at high temperature, thus ensuring excellent engine cleanliness. 

During extreme dynamometer tests, the 2T AMS Interceptor Oil completely prevented the piston ring and the exhaust power valve from sticking. It also limited piston, combustion chamber and spark plug deposits giving efficient and reliable operation. 

Results of field trials with 2T AMS Interceptor Oil
During the winter of 2015/16, the 2T AMS Interceptor Oil has been tested in the three main brands of snowmobiles. Several snowmobiles have been added to different centers of location (outfitter) in the Eagle River, Wisconsin area and were commissioned. After the season, the snowmobiles were taken apart and examined for wear. The results show that the 2T AMS Interceptor oil prevented piston ring sticking and piston scuffing while the exhaust power valves contained no abnormal buildup of deposits and did not stick. 

  1. Excellent for all two-stroke snowmobiles 

  1. Prevents piston ring and exhaust power valves from sticking. 

  1. Exceptional fluidity at low temperature (-69 ° F [-56 ° C] pour point) 

  1. Exceptional performance in DFI engines 

  1. Protects against wear 

  1. Low smoke and odor 

  1. Helps prevent clogging of caps 

For use in all snowmobiles, motorcycles, ATVs, two-stroke personal watercraft and where API-TC and JASO FD oils are specified: Polaris * • BRP * / Ski-Ltd. * (engines Rotax * E-TEC *) • Arctic Cat * (CTec2 * engines) • Honda * • Yamaha * • Kawasaki * • Suzuki * • Direct fuel injection (DFI), electronic fuel injection (EFI) and carbureted engines 

Use as injection oil or premix 50 1 

2T AMS Interceptor oil is compatible with most conventional two-stroke oils and synthetic; however, for best performance, mixing of oils should be minimized.

Special Attention:

Please note that the 1 liter container contains 946ml or 31.98oz.
The 4 liter container holds 3.78 liters or 128oz.