2T AMS Dominator Oil


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2T AMS Dominator Oil.

High-performance two-stroke engines designed for racing operate under severe conditions. They are modified and they have higher compression ratios. They operate at higher revs and with leaner combustion thus increasing heat and pressure in the cylinder. High heat burns light oils faster and causes the piston to expand rapidly, which decreases the clearance between the piston walls and increases the likelihood of scratching and seizing the piston. High pressure can decrease the film strength of low viscosity oils, which will cause wear and pitting on the crankshaft bearings.

AMS Dominator 2T Oil is specially designed for exceptional film strength and lubrication. The2T AMS Dominator Oil is engineered with carefully selected high viscosity synthetic base oils to withstand the high heat and pressure common in high performance and racing applications. The anti-friction chemistry of AMS Dominator 2T Oil Oil has a proven track record of providing an added measure of protection against piston scuffing and bearing wear.

Exceptional cleanliness 
Oil and fuel burnt in the two-stroke combustion process leaves destructive deposits on the pistons, rings and in the combustion chamber. Excessive deposits can lead to catastrophic engine problems, including blocked gaskets, blocked exhaust ports, and pre-ignition.

L'2T AMS Dominator Oil is formulated with clean burning synthetic base oils and powerful high temperature detergent additives for exceptional deposit control. The2T AMS Dominator Oil Helps prevent power-stealing carbon deposits that cause gaskets to stick, exhaust port blockage and pre-ignition. The2T AMS Dominator Oil is optimized for severe service. 

Use 2T AMS Dominator Oil in stock or modified high performance two-stroke engines, including air- or liquid-cooled snowmobiles, personal watercraft, motocross, ATVs and outboards **. Good for use with coated or uncoated pistons, high octane racing fuels and exhaust valves. Compatible with most other two-stroke oils; however, mixing of oils should be minimized.

Use in oil injection and premix applications requiring API TC oils. In premix applications, AMS Dominator 2T Oil provides exceptional 50: 1 protection, although many riders vary the mix ratio to suit their setup. Not suitable for use with alcohol or nitromethane based fuels.

** 2T AMS Dominator Oil IS NOT SUITABLE for long term use in outboard motors as TC-W3 type oil, although it is excellent as a racing oil for short term use where motors are inspected periodically

Special Attention on AMS Dominator 2T Oil:
Please note that the 1 liter container contains 946ml or 31.98oz.
The 4 liter container holds 3.78 liters or 128oz.