Gloves Fly Lite 2020 Blue


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Fly Lite 2020 Blue Gloves.

Motocross Gloves Fly Lite model 2020 edition.

Let the lightweight performance, unparalleled comfort and flexibility of the Fly Lite 2020 Blue Gloves work hard for you without getting in the way.

Much like your approach to improving on every ride, we take a similar plan of attack when manufacturing the Fly Lite 2020 Blue Gloves.

It is a constant process of review and renewal towards improvement.

Advanced breathability. A tailored athletic fit. Flexible support where it counts. It all comes together for the new way forward for a feeling that is almost like nothing at all.

  • Fly Lite 2020 Blue minimalist racing gloves ultra-light to the touch and soft.
  • Single-layer perforated palm for better air circulation and a feeling of lightness.
  • Spandex mesh sides and gussets for better air circulation and a lightweight feel.
  • Double layer reinforced thumb.
  • Lightweight layer of non-slip silicone on the fingers.
  • Athletic fit close to the hand with minimal excess.