Fork Seal Saver Short


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Short Fork Seal Saver.

The SealSavers Short Fork Seal Saver is a revolutionary design that acts as a pre-wipe. Wiping away dirt, dust and mud that has built up on the forks, preventing it from getting into your joints as your forks compress.

This gives you the chance to do several hours of motocross without being afraid of smashing your fork seals. The SealSavers serves as a protector that covers your fork posts. They are durable, washable, and they won't affect your fork's damping or preload.

The SealSavers Short Fork Seal Saver are easy to install on your machine. Remove the front tire and remove the forks from the triple clamps, then simply slide the fork protector over the fork tube and cover the gaskets, then hold it in place with the supplied "ty-rap" clips. (Putting SealSavers in hot tap water makes their installations much easier.)

When washing your motocross lift the underside of the SealSavers to wash off a tiny amount of dirt that has built up. Be sure to turn the SealSavers before they dry.

The SealSavers Short Fork Seal Saver model fits both conventional and inverted forks.

Made for all 40-50mm fork tubes. (1 3/4 ")
Fits most 125cc to 450cc motocross bikes.
Short Fork Seal Saver are sold in pairs and a choice of colors.
* Note - if there is a circlip around the larger tube, take a flathead screwdriver and remove it.