Stacyc 16 "electric balance bike


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Stacyc 16 "electric balance bike.

* Book a test drive with us directly at the motocross park *

New STACYC Balance Bicycle for children. (Stacyc 16 "electric balance bike)

The Stacyc 16 "Electric Balance Bike withBRAND NEW High efficiency brushless motor right out of the box. Our new and improved engine delivers extra horsepower and torque at low revs for a more aggressive ride over a variety of terrains.

La Stacyc 16 "electric balance bike is the perfect choice for small riders with some experience on a balance bike and are a bit taller and / or more familiar with STACYC stability bikes and need a larger platform. Your child should have a crotch of 45cm or more to properly touch the ground with a slight bend in the knees for an optimal size.

Initially, in unpowered mode, children put their feet on the ground and push. It works like a balance bike.

Young children have more stability using their legs for walking. It's easier than using a children's bicycle with pedals.

As your child progresses, they will begin to use the powerful handbrake.

When the child has mastered the handbrake perfectly, he can start in electric mode. Just follow the process.

Switch it to motorized mode (the holy grail of pleasure). Start it with a similar speed as it can push the unpowered version. They learn to use the accelerator and followed by constant use of the accelerator, your child will thrive with fun and laughter.

As he continues to develop these skills, the average speed of the Stacyc 16 "electric balance bike allows you to have hours of fun outdoors and get thousands of hours of hand-eye coordination, balance and outdoor exercise.

The Stacyc 16 "Electric Balance Bike is perfect for small riders aged 5 to 8 under 75 lbs, with 18 to 24 in. (45 to 60cm) inseam.

  • Frame: TIG welded aluminum and heat treatment
  • 16 '' composite wheels with pneumatic tires
  • Seat height: 17 '' (43cm)
  • Weight: 20 lbs with battery
  • High efficiency brushless motor

Drive system Stacyc 16 "electric balance bike

  • High efficiency brushless motor
  • 20% more power than the original Stacyc 16 "
  • 10% more efficient than the original Stacyc 16 "
  • Increased durability
  • No fuse
  • Power selection modes:
    • Low mode / training ~ 8 km / h
    • Medium / standard mode ~ 12 km / h
    • High / advanced mode ~ 20 km / h
  • Thermal protection of motor and controller
  • BMX style chain and freewheel

Industrial grade lithium-ion battery and charger * included with the Stacyc 16 "electric balance bike

  • Quick disconnect / connect the battery
  • Max voltage 20V (18Vname)
  • 4Ah battery included.
  • 30 to 60 min. autonomy **
  • 45 to 60 min. Loading time

* 1 battery and charger included with the Stacyc 16 "electric balance bike.
** The range of the Stacyc 16 "Electric Balance Bike is entirely dependent on terrain, hills and skill level. Run times are estimates and may vary.

Owner's Manual: French, English

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