GET Smart SOS Hour Meter


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GET Smart SOS Hour Meter.

All-terrain enthusiasts will no longer drive without the GET Smart SOS Hour Meter.

The brand new GET Smart SOS Hour Meter device is made in Italy, and is the brand new product that is both an adjustable SOS alarm and a wireless engine hour meter.

This device has an internal accelerometer which detects if the motorcycle breaks down or is broken down for a while and sends an SOS notification with the GPS position to your selected contacts.

Everything is possible thanks to a free application available for ios and Android.

The GET Smart SOS Hour Meter allows you to record personalized maintenance intervals in order to keep the motorcycle at the highest level of efficiency and performance. It also makes it possible to follow the total and partial counts. (up to 1000 hours with possibility of partial reset)

It is equipped with a replaceable CR2032 battery and can be installed without cables or sensors.

In addition, it is waterproof and dustproof.

For more information: Smart SOS