Launch Command


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Launch Command (Holeshot).

Aluminum flange with hinge for easy installation without the need to remove the front fork.
Nylon sleeve covers the bridle to prevent scratching if needed but can also be removed to fit more motocross models.
Lightweight and durable Ti6AI-4V flange hinge pin.
Safety pin housing with 4 secure mounting screws on the lower fork guard.
Install the housing in the desired position on the fork protector. (on average it is 10cm lower when the motocross is on its weight without the rider)

Universal Launch Control Kit suitable for most Motocross like:
CR125, CR250, CRF250, CRF450, KX125, KX250. KX250F, KX450F, 125SX, 150SX, 250SX, 250SXF, 350SXF, 450SXF, TC125, TC250, FC250, FC350, FC450, YZ125, YZ250, YZ250F and YZ450F.

Launch Order is now offered in 3 color choices.