Strider Special Edition 12" Sticker


$ 19.99 
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Strider Special Edition 12" Sticker.

At the request of several clients, I decided to have high quality Strider Special Edition 12 "Tights made to create Special Editions. The set includes 2 tights for each side of the Strider 12" bike.

And yes, Strider will cease all special edition production like the last edition there is, the Honda !!

Unfortunately, I cannot display Strider 12" Special Edition Sticker due to the fact that several companies have Copyrights. 

I have over 12 sets of Strider Special Edition 7 "Tights ready to ship like the XNUMX popular motorcycle brands, energy drink brands as well as a few models for the hockey enthusiast !!

Just write me in remark the model you have chosen and I will send you the set free of transport costs with Canada Post.

Here is the link to see all models: Strider Sticker

NU: Strider // MP: 1234

For Strider 14X, decals are made to order only.

Overall, the price is $29.99.