RK GB420MXZ-130 chain


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RK GB420MXZ-130 chain.

RK Works Gold Series GB420MXZ motocross chain size 420 x 130 (links).


  • All feature heavier side plates for added strength and resistance to stretching
  • MXZ racing chains are made for serious motocross riders with all components heat treated for high performance durability; Chromoly steel construction with seamless rollers and bushings and oversized alloy axles for added strength
  • Max. Engine Size: 150cc
  • Tensile strength: 5000
  • Lifespan index: 300 (The lifespan index should be used as a comparison for the likely lifespan under identical circumstances. Consider it as a percentage, standard strings are 100)
La RK GB420MXZ-130 chain is suitable for a KX100 and a CRF150RB also because the chain is longer than standard. 

RK GB420MXZ-130 chain is fSupplied with C-shaped clip link.