DID chain 520ERT3-120


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DID chain 520ERT3-120.

DID ERT3 motocross chain size 520x 120 (links).

The best motocross chain just got better, DID ERT3 chain has been approved by the best teams in the world.

Featuring advanced technology and designed for extreme racing conditions, the DID 520ERT3-120 chain features 25% better shock performance and 5% higher tensile strength than the previous generation chain without modifying the chain weight.

This means that the DID 520ERT3-120 chain is stronger without compromise while keeping the rotational mass to a minimum.

Used and tested by professional motocross teams such as Factory KTM, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki, the DID 520ERT3-120 Chain is the chain's next level of performance. The gold coating also adds this level of factory look while giving the ERT3 excellent durability.

The DID 520ERT3-120 Chain has an SDH treatment which creates an extremely hard chrome carbide layer on the surface of the pine while the inner core is kept soft to absorb extreme shock loads.

La DID 520ERT3-120 chain uses solid ring technology for high wear resistance. The solid, cold-formed bushings have a smooth, transparent surface with full roundness, giving the chain exceptional service life.

  • Features gold-colored plaques.
  • Spindle diameter 3% larger and 5% lighter than the old ERT.
  • For 125 - 450cc motocross applications.
  • Average tensile strength of 8 pounds.
  • Weight (per 100 links): 2,99 lbs.
  • Includes a clip-type master link.
DID 520ERT3-120 chain supports 8100 lb / ft