1 Corporate, Motocross


$ 750.00 
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SKU: 1-Year-MX-Corpo-1

1 Corporate, Motocross.

The Pass, 1 Corporate, Motocross, is intended for the business owner who wishes to have full access to the MXPN motocross fleet. At the same time, you can advertise on a 3 'x 8' billboard * as well as on the MXPN.BIKE website.

Basically, the idea of ​​the corporate is intended for the motorcycle dealer. The beauty behind this pass (1 Corporate, Motocross) is that the company can share its right of access with these employees. (one proof of employment requested / one employee at a time per day)

You will be able to encourage and improve your best employees by creating a small competition or challenge between them and using the pass as a means of motivation.

In addition, if you have the possibility to add to this pass (1 Corporate, Motocross) a demo ride, the average employee who cannot necessarily afford the luxury of practicing this sport, will become one of your best spokespersons. In addition to proudly riding with your store colors, he will be directly with the target customers, he will be able to create friendships and thus retain certain customers.

With this kind of program, the company quickly finds the return on its investment. 

This pass (1 Corporate, Motocross) gives you the right to ride for one year to the day with the date of purchase in the MXPN park.

* The billboard must be approved by MXPN Motocross. In addition, we ask you to display your services because we do not want to put the emphasis on the large percentage of discounts in store. We want healthy competition between every business on our site. Adding a photo of the interior of your store with your featured products will make a better advertisement anyway.

You can also add a second advertising panel for $ 250 more.

Need more information on 1 Corporate, Motocross, nothing could be easier. Contact us by phone at 514-262-0207 or by email at mxpn.bike@gmail.com

1 Corporate, Motocross