About us

About us,

MXPN or Motocross Petite-Nation is a park that has existed since 2015 in the magnificent region of Chénéville.

The management of MXPN trade, is, since 2020, under the management of Dominic Chainey also known under the name Do Smile MX. (Dominic who smiles when he talks about Motocross)

A great sports enthusiast and involved in it since the 2000s, Dominic had the chance to hold several positions in various dealerships and at various motorized events.

Dominic also had the opportunity to be able to provide his expertise for 6 years, from 2010 to 2015, as the owner of the Pro-Shop in one of the largest motocross park in Quebec, Xtown which is located near St-Jérome. Thus, Dominic had the chance to be able to test several products offered by the industry and taking advantage of the fleet and a large clientele to listen to the comments of pilots.

Customer service is a priority for him. The products offered through the Mxpn.bike site are products that have been tried several times in recent years. This way, we make sure we have a low complaint rate and thus have a high satisfaction rate.

We have set up a physical and online parts and accessories store in 2020. In 2021, we want to offer you even more. Our flagship product this year is the Stacyc electrically assisted bicycle for children ages 3 and up.

Distributor of Strider bikes for over 10 years because Dominic firmly believes that this is step # 1 and the best tool on the market to learn balance and coordination for our future Motocross champions.

The company is entirely managed by Dominic but during the summer, you may meet his wife Anne-Marie, his children, Vincent and Camille as well as his friend Michel, on the edge of the track to give a kick. hand to our pilots in difficulty.

Always attentive to his customers, Dominic's life mission is to do everything in his power to offer you an incomparable experience. Whether it's for a day of Motocross, a product purchase at the park or online, for advice or for a request for expertise, the service offered will be the same. Always with a smile =)

By encouraging MXPN with the purchase of your products, you are helping to ensure the growth of the most beautiful sport there is, motocross!

Thank you for doing business with us.

Do =)

The MXPN family