Oil and Gasoline 4 Stroke

Need oil for your 4-stroke Motocross.

Should I use mineral, semi-synthetic or full synthetic oil?

The difference has a big impact on the life of the oil. Mineral oil is less expensive, but you will need to change it more regularly to protect your engine.

A synthetic oil will keep its lubricating property longer at very high temperatures.

It is also important to choose a top-of-the-range oil recommended for transmission with the clutches that donut in oil.

Motocross brands like Husqvarna and KTM recommend full synthetic grade 10W50 oil to honor the warranties. 

Japanese brands like Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha recommend a grade 10W40 oil.

The oil grade numbers represent the viscosity of the oil. Take the 10W40 for example. The 10 represents the viscosity of the cold oil and the 40 represents the viscosity of the hot oil. The smaller the 1st digit, the more liquid the oil will be and conversely, the larger the 2nd digit, the thicker the oil will be. So in winter, it is strongly recommended to drive with 0W40. Thus you will help the cold start of the motorcycle while maintaining the protection of the hot engine.

For VP Racing petrol, the T4 is for me a favorite for 4-stroke motocross. Ready to use, it will give you satisfaction for sure!

For more information on essences, see the product sheets for each product or call me to discuss it.