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Stacyc Launches New 18eDRIVE

Stacyc Launches New 18eDRIVE

Stacyc Launches New 18eDRIVE

The wait is over! The Stacyc Bike 18" is finally here!

STACYC launches a new 18thDRIVE, equipped with all the features that little riders have come to love.

The brand new 18thDRIVE is ready to build confidence and progress with riders ages 8-10. Complete with engine STACYC BRUSHLESS 36v, front and rear hydraulic disc brakes with adjustable and precise levers and aesthetics STACYC conventional black.

Le 18thDRIVE is ready to shred any track, trail or park!

The STACYC 18eDRIVE is the next choice for STACYC GENERATION and ready to deliver a whole new driving experience.

With 3 power modes, the 18eDRIVE will still deliver the progression your little rippers expect from STACYC with a much wider growth curve.

A top speed of 18 MPH and equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, the STACYC 18eDRIVE has the ability to unlock endless opportunities and develop the skills your little rippers have been dreaming of.

Weighing 31 lbs with battery, the 18eDRIVE is perfect for kids between 8 and 10 and up to 115 lbs.

The benefits for children of using the Stacyc 18edrive are numerous.

First, it allows children to develop their driving and coordination skills while providing them with a fun and challenging driving experience.

The electric motor helps kids get used to the feeling of driving a motorized vehicle, while allowing them to easily control the speed with the trigger throttle.

Plus, the Stacyc 18edrive is a great way for kids to spend time outdoors and exercise.

It is perfect for family walks or outings with friends.

The electric bike can be used on a variety of terrains, including lawns, sidewalks, driveways and paths, allowing children to thrive, evolve and have fun.


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