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Racing Fuel: Finding the Best Fuel for Your Motocross

Racing Fuel: Finding the Best Fuel for Your Motocross

Racing Fuel: Finding the Best Fuel for your DirtBike,

So, you have a great bike! You take great care of it, but you’re wondering what fuel is best. We can help you determine exactly what you need. Just like all electronic items do not use the same batteries to power them, not all vehicles will need the same kind of fuel to make them run. Different vehicles are going to require different types of fuel. 

This concept is best explained in a visit to your local gas station. When you go to the gas station, there are often several different types of fuel choices for you to select from for your vehicle. Does your vehicle need unleaded gas or the unleaded premium? Do you drive a diesel car and need diesel fuel instead? Whatever your selection, you know what’s best for your car and how to make it run. 

The same is true for motorbikes. Motorbikes do not use the same fuel as regular cars do. Instead, they need to use racing fuel, like VP Fuel, specifically designed for motorbikes. But what makes VP Fuel and other racing fuels different from your average, everyday street fuel? Find the answer below.

Regular Fuel vs. Race Fuel

The biggest difference between racing fuel and street fuel is the amount of octane it contains. You might be most familiar with octane numbers from the numbers on the selections at the gas station, like 87, 89, or 91. Those numbers represent how much octane is in the fuel.  

Racing fuel, like VP Racing Fuel, has a much higher octane level than regular street fuel because motorbikes have racing engines. These racing engines operate with higher compression ratios, meaning that they need a higher octane level in order to help the motorbike function at its best. If you want a fast, steady ride, then choose a higher number. Typical racing fuel, like VP Fuel, typically has an octane level between 110 to 12. 

Also important to note is that racing fuels, because they are not in wide use by the general public, typically have a separate set of standards that they’re graded by. This is why you can’t go and buy racing fuel at a regular gas station. Keep this in mind if you haven’t decided what bike is best for you.

Properties of Street Fuel and How It’s Different From Racing Fuel

No matter the type of fuel you’re referring to, whether it’s VP Fuel or regular unleaded gasoline from the gas station, it’s all going to be created from the same source. Gasoline, no matter what form or octane level it takes on in the end, is all created as a refined product from crude oil. 

The refining process of fuel adds in a variety of different agents to help improve performance and the longevity of your vehicle. Some of these additives include things like lubricants, detergents, and anti-icing agents to ensure the continued and safe operation of your vehicle. Surprisingly, these different additives in the usual batch of gasoline can total over 150, with some brands of gasoline reaching over a thousand different ingredients. Wow! 

Different types and octane levels of gasoline are indicated by the number on the label. For example, when you go to the gas pump and choose the average, everyday 87 regular gasoline, the 87 is the gasoline’s octane level. An octane level, or octane rating, is the indicator number at which the fuel will ignite. Lower octane gasoline, like that used in your car, has a lower octane for everyday use. Racing fuel, like VP racing fuel,has a much higher octane level because it needs a higher flash point to ignite.

Why High Octane Is Important

Higher octane levels in racing fuel are extremely important to prevent something called “knocking.” Knocking is a slang term for pre-ignition, which means the premature combustion of the fuel and air mixture in an engine, which can be extremely harmful.  

Higher octane numbers can actually reduce or prevent the occurrence of knocking in your bike. This type of fuel, like VPXNUMX racing fuel or CXNUMX fuel, has been graded and designed specifically for bikes to prevent this from happening.

What Makes Racing Fuel Different

Just like you shouldn’t use diesel fuel in an engine that’s built for unleaded fuel, the same is true for using racing fuel in a street vehicle. Racing fuel is specifically designed for a motorbike’s specific type of engine to improve performance. Racing fuel also typically contains extra additives like ethanol, methanol, and lead.  

Why You Shouldn’t Use Racing Fuel for Anything Else

Your car isn’t going to go faster if you fill it with racing fuel. Since racing fuel has different characteristics than other gas options, you could severely damage your car if you attempted to use racing fuel in your everyday car. You could cause damage to your catalytic converter or to the other sensors on your car because of their inability to process this type of fuel.

Choosing the Right Fuel

Choosing the right fuel for your bike is similar to choosing the correct fuel for your car. You need to know what type of engine you have, what type of octane rating is perfect for your bike, and more. You wouldn’t put diesel fuel into your car that only uses unleaded gas, so why would you do any different for your motorbike?  

VP Racing Fuel, for example, comes in a wide range of octane ratings for different types of bikes. VP Racing Fuel VP110 is for use with a two-stroke engine and has an octane rating of 110. VP Racing Fuel C12 is for two-stroke engines with an octane rating of 112, and VP Fuel MR PRO6 (similar to MR12 leaded fuel) ) is best for a four-stroke engine and has an octane level of 95. 

If you’re unsure about what fuel is best for your use, check your owner’s manual on your bike.There are plenty of options out there for you if you know where to look! Just be sure that you’re getting exactly what you need, because using the wrong fuel can harm your engine.

MXPN Has the Quality You Need

MXPN has exactly the racing fuel you need to get your dirtbike out and on the track in tip top condition. From our wide offering of VP Fuel that your bike needs to get up and running to the accessoiries to make your bike uniquely yours, MXPN can give you a quality experience right at your fingertips.

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