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Welcome to (hereafter: the "Site")

We ask you to carefully read the following terms and conditions, they bind you with the Merchant, owner of the Site.

In addition, you thereby accept the electronic mode of communication with the Merchant for all of your exchanges and that these meet all the requirements of written communication.

We reserve the sole discretion to refuse to serve you, to cancel an order, to close your account, to delete or modify the content of the Site or to cancel an order whether or not you have complied with these Terms and Conditions.

If you have any problems with an order, contact us as soon as possible at the following address:
Gestion DoSmileMX Inc. (Hereinafter: the “Merchant”)

  • 335 Montee Dinel
  • Chénéville
  • Québec
  • Canada
  • J0V1E0
  • (514) 262-0207





I have read this waiver, I fully understand the conditions and I waive all my rights by checking. I check this waiver at my own will without any guarantee or assurance being given to me.
I understand that this waiver is a complete and unconditional form of release from liability to the greatest means permitted by law. WAIVER, WAIVER OF LIABILITY, KNOWLEDGE OF RISKS AND ACCEPTANCE OF INDEMNITIES.
Considering that you have the right to participate as a competitor, official, or participant in any way in an event or be allowed to enter a restricted area (described as a place where special permission, permit or authorization is required to access it, or prohibited for the general public) for any reason, each person who signs, for himself, his representatives or members of his family:
1- recognizes, understands, accepts, represents and guarantees that he has or will immediately go when he has entered a restricted area, inspected the premises and that if, at any time, he finds that the situation is dangerous, he will notify the officials immediately, leave the premises and / or refuse to participate in the event.
2- Releases all responsibilities and agrees not to take legal action against the promoters, Gestion DoSmile MX INC., Any affiliated clubs, subdivisions, track personnel, track owner, officials, vehicle owners, riders, team members, paramedics, sponsors, entertainers, journalists, photographers, tenants or any other person who becomes involved in a risk or loss of control of an event and each of them, their directors, officials, agents or employees, for any reason that refer to this waiver, of all responsibilities, the undersigned, his representatives, the members of his family, for any loss or damage, or any lawsuit or claims that result from an injury to person or property or causing the death of the undersigned related at the event, regardless of whether it was caused by the negligence of the insured cos or others.
3- Assumes full responsibility for any risk of bodily injury, death or damage to property related to the event, whether or not caused by the negligence of the insured parties or others.
4- Understands that the nature of the activities held by the insured cos, in which he participates, are very dangerous and involve a certain danger of injury and / or death and / or damage to property. Each of the undersigned understands that injuries may occur or be aggravated by the negligence of the insured parties or by their operations.
5- Accepts that this form of waiver, release from liability, knowledge of risks and acceptance of indemnities exceeds any form of negligence of the insured cos, including negligence of rescue operations and includes everything that the laws of the province allow to include regarding the holding of this type of event and that if any portion is invalid, it is agreed that the scale will be valid.





Please see our privacy policy at the bottom of our site for the ways we collect, share and manage your personal information.

The products and services offered are intended to be sold to adults who have reached the age of majority in your place of residence, ie 18 years of age in the province of Quebec. By using the Merchant's Site you represent and warrant that you are of the age of majority at your place of residence.




We do everything in our power to ensure that all information published on our Site is error-free, but we cannot guarantee this fact. We may refuse or cancel an order containing an item with an incorrect description or price. Unless otherwise indicated, prices are quoted in Canadian currency.

The products offered on our Site as well as the dates of offers, prices and availability, characteristics and technical specifications of these products are subject to revision and change without notice. It is possible that a product ordered online is no longer available in our inventory or that it cannot be delivered due to a situation beyond our control.

We will then proceed with the cancellation of the order and the refund of the sums paid in return, if this is the case.
Your only recourse for non-conformance of a product description is to return it in its original packaging for a refund, in accordance with the refund provisions that apply below.




You will need to complete a registration form to access certain parts and functions of the Merchant Site. You agree to provide us with up-to-date and truthful information and to keep this information up to date at all times.

You agree to protect the confidentiality of your username and password as well as access to your computer, so that no other person uses it. You make yourself responsible for all transactions made in your account using this information.

You must notify us immediately of any unauthorized use of your username and password and of any breach of security of which you become aware, within forty-eight (48) hours of becoming aware of such situation.




You have the possibility of entering comments and criticisms relating to the content of the Site. You are fully responsible for the comments you post, we are not responsible for them and you agree to indemnify the Merchant against any damage resulting from them.

It is forbidden to speak on behalf of other people, to conceal your identity or to make illegal, obscene, threatening, defamatory or violating the privacy or intellectual property of a person or constitute channels letter, direct mail or spam.

We reserve the right, without having to do so, to modify or remove comments without explanation, and we assume no responsibility for the systematic review of published comments.

When you publish a comment, you give the Merchant the non-exclusive right to use the name and the published content, royalty-free, in a perpetual and irrevocable manner, to reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, represent it. , translate it, distribute it, communicate it to the public and post it anywhere in the world and in any medium.

We ask you to publish only one review per product, unless you wish to add new information. You agree to only comment on products that you have personally tried, maintaining a respectful tone at all times. Employees and competitors of distributors and manufacturers are prohibited from posting comments.




These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the province or state of Quebec or the country of Canada applicable to it. In addition, any legal action against the Merchant must be brought before the judicial district in which the city of Saint-Eustache is located.




The copyrights and Trademarks contained in the information published on the Site are protected by laws relating to intellectual property and are made available on the Site by the granting of a specific license in this regard.

In accordance with the laws relating to intellectual property in force, it is prohibited to use, display or exhibit any trademark, copyright or any other protected work accessible on the Site for any reason other than to proceed. to the sale of these products and services without the right to sub-license to third parties.

The owners of the brands appearing on the Site retain all rights which have not been expressly granted in these Terms and Conditions.

If you have reason to believe that breaches of the terms and conditions have been committed or if your work has been copied or is being used on our Site in a way that infringes your intellectual property rights, please let us know. inform as soon as possible by sending us a message to the following address: by telling us in sufficient detail the breach that was committed.

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