Filter Oil

Are you looking for the best products for the maintenance of your air filter?

Why give her so much love?

I will tell you without hesitation, to keep your engine healthy for a long time and to avoid excessive blows in repair!

A well lubricated air filter prevents sand and mud from entering the engine and creating premature wear.

How to take care of an air filter?

I strongly recommend that you wear gloves when servicing an air filter.

You must first remove the filter from the motorcycle. Do this gently so as not to escape dirt into the engine air inlet. Take the time to thoroughly clean the air inlet with Brake cleaner or Filter cleaner.

Second, separate the filter from the plastic holder that is inside the filter. Use the Maxima filter cleaner to spray the air filter. Leave on for 1 to 3 minutes. If possible, massage the filter to remove stubborn dirt and sand. 

Third, rinse the filter with hot water in a clean container and twist it well to speed up drying. If there are any stubborn areas, reapply the product and repeat. Let the filter dry!

Fourth, Once the filter dries, apply the Maxima lubricant of your choice to the filter. Replace the plastic support. Add Maxima Multi-Purpose Grease to the contour of the filter base to create a dam between the filter and the airbox.

Put the air filter back in place and voila. You are now ready for hours of risk-free fun for your engine. 

Not sure which air filter fits your motocross? Use my Parts Finder to help you.