Chain Oil

Are you looking for the best products for the maintenance of your motocross chain?

Why give her so much love?

I would tell you first to guarantee it a better lifespan.

And secondly, to prevent it from breaking at high speed or during a jump!

A well-lubricated chain also transmits engine power to the rear wheel more efficiently.

Do you know how to take care of a chain?

You must first install the motorcycle on a Support so that the rear wheel does not touch the ground. This way, you can turn the wheel manually to clean the entire chain. Avoid doing it with the motorcycle on so that a finger does not pass between the chain and the gear !! outch ...

Second, use a brush to clean the chain.

Third, spray the chain with a Chain cleaner. Do not hesitate to turn the wheel to clean the chain well.

Once the chain is clean, dry and well degreased, it is time to lubricate it with the lubricant of your choice.

There are 2 choices of lubricant available to you! An oil-like lubricant or a wax-like lubricant.

1st choice; A good oil-type lubricant like ChainGuard is a great alternative to lubricate a motocross chain. On the other hand, you must keep your chain clean because the fatty substance of the lubricant will make the dirt stick to the chain, which can thus create premature wear.

2nd choice; It is important to understand that to use a wax-type lubricant like Chainwax, it is essential that your chain is clean, dry and completely degreased. It is also recommended to apply the old one from the outlet to the chain so that the water evaporates and the wax freezes on the chain.