Oil and Gasoline 2 Stroke

Need oil for your 2-stroke Motocross.

Do you need for the engine or for the transmission?

A mixture of 40/1 indicates that you should put 500ml of oil in 20 liters of gasoline.

The premium blend oils offered are Castor 927 and AMS Dominator.

AMS Interceptor oil is no longer used for direct oil injection engines.

For transmission, you have the choice between MTL-Trans and AMS Dirt-Trans. These are 2 premium oils and recommended for clutches that donut in oil.

For automatic clutches like the KTM50SX, I highly recommend AMS ATF oil.

For VP Racing petrol, the T2 is for me a favorite for 2-stroke motocross. Ready to use, it will give you satisfaction for sure!

For more information on essences, see the product sheets for each product or call me to discuss it.